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By Surface


We collect packages any were in city from your office/printers/Dealers/Associates, as per your instruction.


If will get raw materials from your side will arrange it well pack before Despatches.

Door to Door (DTD):

A service, which would involve us handling your documents, right from your desk, to your consignee's desk, at the destination location.

By Air Services

Door to Airport (DTA):

If your consignee has own clearing agent and wants to handle the clearance and transportation of the consignment on his own at a destination, then this service allows you to do just that. We will pick - up your consignment right from your doorstep and between, for your consignee.

Airport to Door (ATD):

This service give you the freedom to book your consignment at the last minute at our warehouse at the origin Airport and we will deliver it right up to your consignee's door step at the destination location. By maintaining delivery period in Major metros - 24 Hrs. in AM. and other cities - 48 Hours.

Airport to Airport (ATA):

This services not only gives you the freedom of booking your consignment at the last minute at our warehouse at the origin airport, but also allows your consignee to take delivery of the consignment directly at the destination airport.

By Train Services

Express Train Services (ETS):

This service not only save your forwarding cost, but also reaches your consignment to various major stations within 2 to 3 day's time.

Surface Express Transport (SET):

This service give you maximum safety for your high value consignment with low cost.

On Line Delivery Confirmation:

You can track your consignment on our website, from the time the pick-up is made until the delivery is effected. we can give you full details of your shipment within seconds.

This is possible through our interactive website, www.airtrackcargo.com Which provide you on line track & trace your shipment. On entering the way bill number, cybertabs provides details of movement of the shipment or date & time of delivery alongwith the recipients identity.

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